the price of courage

Dedicated to the officers and men of the Army’s combat arms – especially to those who have known the terrible loneliness of being shot at, in Curt Anders’ first and only novel Lieutenant Eric Holloway learns that commanding infantrymen is a matter of getting the point man around one overhanging rock after another at a time when hand grenades are being dripped from each rock, that it’s not if you are going to get wounded but when and how seriously.  About the men in his rifle company Holloway realizes:

- "Nearly all of them were draftees, nearly all of them could name half a dozen friends who had been able to dodge the draft, or, once drafted, to wangle soft jobs Stateside or in the rear echelon.  It was cause enough for bitterness, but much of their glory can be attributed to the fact that these men are the unwanted, the kicked around, the uninfluential.  Because of this, their accomplishments are heroic; their battle is not merely against the cold, or the mud, or death, but against a diseased national attitude as well.  The war would get won anyway – by slobs who haven’t wised up."

In 1957, a reviewer wrote: “Like ‘All’s Quiet on the Western Front’ was to World War I and ‘The Naked and the Dead’ was to World War II, ‘The Price of Courage’ may take a place among great war novels.”
And from the Nashville Tennessean: “Nobody has written a better story in any time about any war.”

A Korean War Novel

308 pages

Paperback   Price $11.95

ISBN 978-0-9860806-6-1

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