Henry halleck's war

The inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln began the somber and historic chain of events which became the Civil War in America. Many adversaries faced off in the war: former West Point classmates, cousins, and even brothers in the armies of the North and South.

The Civil War, in fact, may itself be seen at a certain level as a series of face-off showdowns. One of the most interesting and important outcome of the war was the relationship of Lincoln and his general-in-chief in Washington, D.C., Henry W. Halleck. This book is the story of that relationship and many others which spread out from the telegraph and dispatch offices in the nation’s capitol. Henry Wager Halleck was at the central control board of the war for two important years. The way he handled that responsibility and the men behind the messages he sent, the friendships and animosities which deeply influenced strategy and action, and the character of the man who was general-in-chief are the subjects of this book.

A Fresh Look at Lincoln's Controversial General-in-chief

738 pages

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ISBN 978-0-9860806-2-3

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