It was 1864 and the Union forces were almost to Shreveport.  From there they intended to conquer Arkansas and Texas, ending the Civil War west of the Mississippi.

For Lincoln’s presidency and cotton-starved New England textile mills the stakes were high.  Even so, Creoles, Cajuns and Texans led by Stonewall Jackson’s brilliant disciple General Richard Taylor -- and the pro-Confederate Red River -- beat back the Yankee advance at the decisive battle of Mansfield.  Yankee fiascos continued in the forgotten Arkansas portion of the campaign.

In Disaster in Damp Sand, author Curt Anders also shows the folly of trying to run a war from distant Washington, especially when Congress tries to investigate bungling.


Above all, this story of the last great Confederate victory reveals the drama, political intrigue, strategy, and heroism that cause it to deserve much more attention than it has ever received.

The Red River Campaign

188 pages

Paperback   $14.95

ISBN 978-0-9860806-0-9

Casebound with jacket $19.95
ISBN 978-0-9860806-1-6

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